Reset a foundry ServerIron XL to factory defaults

I needed to reset a Foundry Server Iron XL back to factory defaults, and surprisingly couldn’t find the instructions via my buddy google. Foundry is really stingy with with support documents, and knowledge portal acccess, and unless you have a valid support contract, you can’t find ANYTHING. Luckily I do, so I figured I’d share this knowledge for the sake of future googlers.

First, remove the password:

1) Unplug the Switch

2) Plug the switch back in, and be immediately ready to:

3) Hit b, to enter into the boot monitor

4) Type:

no password

boot system flash primary

5) Foundry will boot up, and you can ‘enable’ without being prompted for a password

To reset your ServerIronXL to factory defaults:

6) After enabling, type:

erase start

NOTE: This is permanent! There is no going back! Make sure this is what you want to do! You are resetting to factory defaults (nothing!)

7) Reboot, and enjoy your clean slate

As always, if you find this helpful, please let me know!

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