Setup SSH Server

Installing SSH server on your machine is quite straight forward. This will enable you to access your data from any SSH client.

Simply install the required packages as follows:
sudo apt-get install openssl ssh

You can now access your computer from another machine using an SSH client. From another linux machine, you could access it using the following format:
ssh username@machine

SSH behind router
If you’re using a router, and would like to SSH your computer from an external network, you should configure your router to forward the SSH port (default: 22) to the computer in question. This procedure differs from a router to another; look for ‘Port Forwarding’ in the configuration menu of your device.

SSH without a password
This is extremely useful if you don’t want to type your password from the client every time you SSH, of if you are automating SSH login. The process is described on SSH Without a Password.

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