Maximum size of deployment cache Java Web Start and Java Plug-in

The file is used for storing and retrieving deployment configuration properties in the Java Control Panel. They are also used for customizing runtime behavior for both Java Plug-in and Java Web Start.

There is always a User-Level file. Its location, which is non-configurable, is described below. There may also be an (optional) System-Level file. If it exists, its location is determined by a System Administrator through the deployment.config file as described below.

Deployment Configuration File (

User Level

The User-Level file is located as follows:

Operating System
Windows <User Application Data Folder>\Sun\Java\Deployment\
Unix ${user.home}/.java/deployment/

(${user.home} is typically home/<username>.)

To maximize the cache size for Java add the following line to the User-Level

deployment.cache.max.size String “-1” Maximum size of deployment cache in MB. This is the cache size for each cache: Java Web Start and Java Plug-in.

“0”—Disables caching in Java Plug-in; cache size in Java Web Start will be unlimited.

“-1″—For unlimited cache size.

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