How to Reset Your Lost Joomla Password in a few Easy Steps

Before we begin, you must have access to your database. If you don’t, pass these instructions on to someone that does. It’s also a good idea to backup your database before making changes, just in case something goes awry.
Finding the Password

Log in to your Joomla database (via phpMyAdmin for example)
Click to edit the _users database (will be preceded by your account name, for example: example_users)
Edit the entry for where usertype = “Super Administrator” (should be the first record)

Resetting the Password

In the password field you’ll notice a string of characters. Joomla uses a one-way encoding method, which means you won’t be able to retrieve your old password. However, you will be able to reset the password to a new one using mySQL’s built in MD5 function:

UPDATE example_users SET password=MD5(‘new password’) WHERE usertype = “Super Administrator”;

Voila – you just successfully reset your Joomla password Smiling Go to your joomla domain at and try logging in with the new password. You should be logged in as Super Administrator.
Copying the Password from Another User

An alternate method to reset your password, if you’re not comfortable with SQL commands, is to simply copy and paste the password hash from another user (to which you know the password) over to your admin user. You’ll then be able to login as the admin user using that password. If you don’t have another user, you should be able to register as one, and then copy the password over.
Applying the Email From Another User

Yet another alternate method to retrieving your lost Joomla admin password is to change your admin user’s email address to one you are familiar with. Then use the lost password retrieval function (the “forgot password” link in the login section) to have your Joomla password emailed to you.

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  1. I have forgotten my login in id and password. I tried to follow a process online but the email address is not being excepted. Please help.

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