NetApp commands

A few handy NetApp commands:

Login to the console using SSH.

Current load: sysstat -x 1
Check deduplication: df -s
Restart CIFS: cifs restart
Check shares: cifs shares
Domain connection: cifs domaininfo

System Configuration
General information sysconfig
sysconfig -v
sysconfig -a (detailed)
Configuration errors sysconfig -c
Display disk devices sysconfig -d
sysconfig -A
Display Raid group information sysconfig -V
Display aggregates and plexes sysconfig -r
Display tape devices sysconfig -t
Display tape libraries sysconfig -m
Environment Information
General information environment status
Disk enclosures (shelves) environment shelf [adapter]
environment shelf_power_status
Chassis environment chassis all
environment chassis list-sensors
environment chassis Fans
environment chassis CPU_Fans
environment chassis Power
environment chassis Temperature
environment chassis [PS1|PS2]
Fibre Channel Information
Fibre Channel stats fcstat link_stats
fcstat fcal_stats
fcstat device_map
SAS Adapter and Expander Information
Shelf information sasstat shelf
Expander information sasstat expander
sasstat expander_map
sasstat expander_phy_state
Disk information sasstat dev_stats
Adapter information sasstat adapter_state
Statistical Information
All stats stats show
System stats show system
Processor stats show processor
Disk stats show disk
Volume stats show volume
LUN stats show lun
Aggregate stats show aggregate
FC stats show fcp
iSCSI stats show iscsi
CIFS stats show cifs
Network stats show ifnet
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