EAS device restrictions in Exchange 2010

We have a single mailbox that is used by 40+ iPads once a month. Due to the EAS device restrictions (max 10) in exchange 2010 SP1, we are unable to use this model at the moment. As such, I would like to increase the maximum number of devices for this mailbox only. I do not want to modify the default throttling policy.

First build a new policy with increased maximum devices

New-ThrottlingPolicy -Name IncreasedEASMaxDevices -EASMaxDevices 50 -EASMaxConcurrency 50

Then modify the mailbox to use the new policy

Set-Mailbox mailboxname -ThrottlingPolicy IncreasedEASMaxDevices

To check which mailboxes use the new policy use this:

Get-Mailbox | where-object {$_.ThrottlingPolicy -eq "IncreasedEASMaxDevices"}

After setting the new policy on a mailbox give it some time!!!
Then check.