Install Gnome-Shell in Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Gnome-shell is the new interface for Gnome that will be used in Gnome 3.
You can experience the new look and feel in you Ubuntu Karmic Koala installation.
I’m already using Gnome Shell for 2 weeks now on both my production installation.
The only problem I experience is the mouse that disappears “beneeth” the Gnome Shell interface.
The work around for this problem is easy. Just press ALT-F2 and type restart. The Gnome Shell interface restart and the problem disappears.

  1. Open a Terminal and run the following command to install Gnome Shell

    sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

  2. After completion start Gnome Shell with the following command

    gnome-shell –replace

  3. If you are using a Intel GPU and you’re getting a blank screen after starting Gnome Shell run the following command previous of starting Gnome Shell


  4. If you want to get rid of the terminal screen after starting Gnome Shell run the command in Start-Up Programs.

Note : Gnome Shell is still in development and may cause some problems. Try it at your own risk.

Clear “Recent Items” in Gnome-Shell

When using gnome-shell there isn’t any way to clear your recent items (yet).
There is a way to do it via CLI.

rm ~/.recently-used.xbel
rm ~/.recently-used

After a few second or opening a random file, your recent items are cleared.