IGEL – How to configure a RDP or ICA Session that shuts down IGEL after session has ended

1. Setting up an RDP Session.
2. Setting up a “Locale Shell/Application” IGEL Setup -> Accessories -> Terminals.
3. Configuring in IGEL Setup -> System -> Registry ->  sessions -> xterm0 -> cmdline the following entry:
/config/sessions/winconnect0 ; /sbin/user_shutdown -f
4. From now on don´t start the RDP session, but the local Shell.
For some reasons it could be useful to change the Name and the Icon of the local Shell:
5. Change the Parameter “sessions.xterm0.Icon” to winconnect.
6. Change name of “sessions.xterm0.Session Name” to “RDP Session” or something like this.

To complete it, you should configure in Setup the RDP Session that this Session should not be added to the start menu or on the Desktop/Application Launcher.

Of course xterm0 or winconnect0 is changed to xterm1-…or winconnect1-…, if the Session is not the first session on the Thin Client.

For the autostart Go to IGEL Setup -> Accessories -> Terminals -> Local Terminal and turn on the Autostart Checkbox.

This works for an ICA Session too. Change every “winconnect0” in this FAQ to “ica0”

This works only on Linux based IGEL devices.